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Commie Camp tells the hilarious and touching story of Camp Kinderland, the legendary progressive summer camp founded by secular Jewish socialists in 1923, which against all odds still exists today.

When right-wing media accuses the camp of “indoctrination,” journalist, comedian and third-generation Kinderlander Katie Halper returns to investigate.

Over the course of one summer, Halper learns about the history of the camp and follows a group of adorable, inquisitive nine-year-olds as they play in the World Peace Olympics (Kinderland's answer to The Color Wars), organize a police brutality protest, grapple with how to make the world a better place, and have the time of their lives.

Actor and activist Susan Sarandon calls the film "so much fun. Katie Halper did a great job. It's funny, inspiring and makes me want to raise my kids all over again with an appetite and excitement for justice. For the first time I wish I was Jewish."

Peace activist, author and Codepink co-founder Medea Benjamin says, "what great fun! Commie Camp makes me wish I had gone to Camp Kinderland, sent my kids there, and—what could still happen—send my grandkids. Where else but Commie Camp can kids learn how to organize a protest against police brutality??? Katie Halper’s delightful documentary shows how Kinderland promotes the best of Jewish culture and progressive politics, takes on controversies in a creative, democratic manner, and gives the kids an invaluable lifetime framework for how to be 'a mensch.'”

Josh Olson calls Commie Camp, "an echo from a better world; an absolutely lovely reminder that teaching kids how to be kind and do good in the world is the best and most meaningful investment in the future possible. It’s a warm, funny and delightful film, and will make you wish you’d gone to a Commie camp too."

Basel Hamdan, Executive Producer of “Fahrenheit 11/9” and a longtime collaborator of Michael Moore  says "Katie Halper shares a humorous and deeply personal story about a slice of progressive history and Jewish history I knew nothing about. In light of all the attacks on how American kids are taught — or barred from being taught —  history, it makes watching COMMIE CAMP today fascinating and timely. And in light of the dark political times we live in, the Kinderlanders who star in the film provide a much needed dose of hope and humor."