Actor and activist Susan Sarandon calls the film "so much fun. Katie Halper did a great job. It's funny, inspiring and makes me want to raise my kids all over again with an appetite and excitement for justice. For the first time I wish I was Jewish."

Peace activist, author and Codepink co-founder Medea Benjamin says, "what great fun! Commie Camp makes me wish I had gone to Camp Kinderland, sent my kids there, and—what could still happen—send my grandkids. Where else but Commie Camp can kids learn how to organize a protest against police brutality??? Katie Halper’s delightful documentary shows how Kinderland promotes the best of Jewish culture and progressive politics, takes on controversies in a creative, democratic manner, and gives the kids an invaluable lifetime framework for how to be 'a mensch.'”

Josh Olson calls Commie Camp, "an echo from a better world; an absolutely lovely reminder that teaching kids how to be kind and do good in the world is the best and most meaningful investment in the future possible. It’s a warm, funny and delightful film, and will make you wish you’d gone to a Commie camp too."

Basel Hamdan, Executive Producer of “Fahrenheit 11/9” and a longtime collaborator of Michael Moore  says "Katie Halper shares a humorous and deeply personal story about a slice of progressive history and Jewish history I knew nothing about. In light of all the attacks on how American kids are taught — or barred from being taught —  history, it makes watching COMMIE CAMP today fascinating and timely. And in light of the dark political times we live in, the Kinderlanders who star in the film provide a much needed dose of hope and humor."